Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This world. myworldyourworldourworld.

What you see is not what I see.  What you hear is not what I hear.  This means that neither you nor I is wrong or right.  And this is where we agree to disagree.  This comes from the simple, undeniable fact that we are all individuals.  We are individuals with our own unique pasts, with our own unique experiences... down to our own unique molecular makeup.

To one, the sky may be blue.  To another, light blue.  To another, pale blue.  To yet another, a bluish-white.  However, we all agree at some point that it's some sort of blue.  Yet again, maybe not!  ...And that's okay too. 

I may be in the same exact room and participate in the same conversation as someone...yet experience the whole thing in a completely different way!  Trust me, it's happened before....  Sometimes, it just amazes me.  But then I remember...

People need to draw themselves out of a self-centered existence.  It is equally important that people are aware of themselves as well as others.  There must be an understanding and acceptance of the differences (and similarities) that we have among ourselves.

All in all... my reality will never meet your reality.  Don't expect me to understand things the way you do...for that is purely selfish.  Instead, do your best to communicate in a way the person you are speaking to will understand... be open and unassuming.

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