Monday, July 30, 2012


I'd like to share a conversation from work the other night...

An older man and his friend (I would guess that they were both in their mid-to-late 40's) were sitting at my bar enjoying some cocktails and food.  I ended up talking to them for a while since they were sitting directly in front of my well.  They asked how long I had been working there, if I did anything else besides bartend, what else I wanted to do, etc....the usual conversation I have with anyone that stays for longer than a couple of drinks.  After learning about my background (both educational and occupational), the one man exclaimed, "wow, your parents must be doctors!"   A little confused at his response, the rest of the conversation went something like this:

Me:  Why would they be doctors?
Man:  Because you are really smart, so they must be really smart.  Where did they go to school?
Me:  Yes, my parents ARE very smart.  And, actually, they didn't go to school.  Well, my mom finished the 6th grade, and my dad barely finished high school.  But they are definitely some of the smartest people I know.  They aren't doctors, they've owned a restaurant for almost 30 years and have done alright for themselves...

It's interesting what people assume...  There are plenty of smart people that didn't go to school, and vice versa.  But who's to say I (or anybody else, for that matter) am smart or not?  What is smart?  There are so many kinds of "smart".  Everyone is smart in one way or another.  Except maybe this person.  Hah, I kid.  But it's interesting how close-minded people can be.  Open up!


  1. I am sure you have many interesting conversations at work...I would have to agree with you. So many people just assume way too much and everyone has some knowledge different from the next people which makes everyone smart in their own way

    1. I on the other hand was not too smart and didn't proof read...should say from the next person not people

  2. People's assumptions are astounding sometimes. Half the time it is out of pure innocence and ignorance.....and all of the time ignorance for sure. The other just stupidity with a blend of arrogance. Stereotypes are the Im sure you have dealt with many being a Chinese-American woman...and being a bartendar. For me as a Native person it's about the same...the level of stereotypes and peoples false perception of me and my culture..and who I am, what I should do and what I should be like. Also peoples false assumptions when they find out I paint(or use to) Graffiti. I couldnt agree more with you Pei Pei......people need to open their minds...and take time to comprehend and be knowledgeable of other people...AND...not to just assume shit. :)
    anyway...good post. just my randomness thoughts. MISS YOU PEI PEI! Its been forever!!