Saturday, March 1, 2014

An Old Dog CAN Learn New Tricks...

The other night, Ryan and I had my parents over for dinner (we had take-out from Cornish Pasty... sooooo delicious, I could eat there every day). We were just sitting on the couch talking when I decided to show them the present that Ryan gave me for our anniversary/Valentine's day. I didn't know that it would ignite a little bickering match!

By the look on my mom's face, you could tell that she appreciated the fact that he had given me a nice gift. After seeing the clutch (and the look on my mom's face) my dad goes, "I buy you nice things" to my mom. And with a roll of her eyes she said that she works so much, it's the same as her buying the stuff anyways. (She does work a ton, so I see where she's coming from.) Anyway, the argument over this topic of work/doing things around the house/who does more/etc. ensued for a little bit, so I stepped away while laughing, and let them hash it out like you should let any cute old couple do when bickering.  All the while, Ryan was in the kitchen, happily making all of us lattes, with no clue whatsoever of what was going on right next to him... probably since the whole thing went down in Chinese.

I returned to the conversation a couple minutes after walking away to hear my mom say something about how my dad FINALLY asked her how to use the washing machine a few months ago (because she was badly injured in a car accident and couldn't use her arm)... AFTER 40 YEARS.  LOL.  Better late than never?

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